Biking Around Juneau

Juneau boasts an impressive 88 miles of bike lanes and 19 miles of shared-use paths.  The city’s adoption of the 2009 Non-Motorized Transportation Plan helped the Alaska Department of Transportation improve bicycle facilities and create a Safe Routes To School plan for all Juneau elementary and middle schools.  

In 2011, the League of American Bicyclists designated Juneau a Bicycle Friendly Community.

Google Maps provides bicycling directions suggested routes.


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Juneau Rides - local bicycle advocacy group

Two bicyclists on North Douglas Hwy.

Photo: Ben Lyman


City & Borough of Juneau Bike Maps

Douglas Island

Downtown & Thane

Twin Lakes & Lemon Creek

Mendenhall Valley

Auke Bay to Echo Cove

Complete Route Map


Additional Biking Information

Capital Transit Bike & Ride information

Information about biking through intersections